Distriktet Nsf-logo Dä årner sä, å ôm de int årner sä, så kvetter dä !
It will be allright, and if not, so what ! (saying in Värmland)
Värmlands Distrikt
NSF - Temperance Scouting Assosiation

Welcome to the District of Värmland

For our foreign visitors






The district have aproximately 300 members and troops at the following places:

Skåre - or rather "The Grava troop". Chief :

Lesjöfors - The place where "the Bandy Barons" reside. Meet in "Esperantogården"

 Forshaga - meets in "Hvilan". Chief : Peter Tjäder  +46(0)54 872731

 Norra Råda - meets in Chief and contact: Gerd Ohlsson

 Skattkärr - you find us in "Vårt Hus" - "Our House" in English (local public activity house) about 10 kilometers east of Karlstad. Contact: Mats Jansson +46(0)70 580 00 16 or Solveig +46 (0)54 860333

Solglimten, Karlstad - has got a nice place by lake Alstern. Contact:  Hans Kilo Andersson


With Three fingers !
Värmlands NSF Scoutdistrikt

Our office and address:

NSF VÄRMLANDS DISTRIKT - Nygatan 15, S-652 20 Karlstad, SWEDEN - Telephone +46(0)54 18 78 78

We "live" together with the district of IOGT-NTO.

Mangskog - A place in our minds - Mangskog near Arvika in the deep deep forest of west Värmland. A nice place for your camp? If Your troop is less than a hundred it will be big enough, located at the "beach" of lake Mangen....

What will happen:

.... and this is what we have done, so far :

7 December, Christmas meeting at Ransberg.Make somthing to give away ....

3 December, New edition of Löpelden ("The Running Fire", the information tabloid for the District).

8-10 November, Höstugglan, "The autumn Owl", The annual Patrol "education" District at Ransberg (26 participants)

26-27 October, The annual FM Lidköping. Our district gave 20.000 skr to the the new drug-dog that we will give to the swedish customs.

19-20 October, JOTA at Alstersvik (40 scouts and leaders)

27-29 September, Septembercouting. (60 participants including 9 from Värmland)

22 September, Visit at Nordens Ark - A rather big zoological park (50 participants)

14-15 September, "Rövar-Hajk", Hike at Filipstad (5 scouts)

7-8 September, Working Weekend at Manskog (a few VERY motivated were ther!)

15 March The District meets for the annual council at Ransberg

25-27 April "You have set the course for the future" (Summary of The 10th World Mootat Ransberg. Reunion, probably at Ransberg for more information - browse the Swedish Scout Web

Summer 97 Cumry, Wales - The District Goes West. We will participate in a camp... For more details contact Gerd or Kilo - +46(0)54-534512

24-26 Octobre FM 1997 (The big event for Leaders & Rovers) Karlstad


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NSF Värmland is located both at Mats (and at www.scout.se)
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Official Contact for the District:

Scouting Our web-pages
Peter Tjäder (Our Secretary) Mats Jansson - (www)
  Fadderortsgatan 23
S-654 66 Karlstad
Residence  Mobile +46 (0)70 5800016

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